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About Laura

My creative bent started with my first work of literature: The Pan Speaks Out, written and illustrated by me, in the mid- to late-seventies. A mystery (of “the Hardy Girls,” no less) and my first chapter book, The Beautiful Horse, followed shortly.

In the eighties, I sang and performed onstage for the church where I grew up, leading to three years of theatre and Thespian Club at Warsaw Community High School, then on to more acting and the technical side of production at Grace College, Winona Lake.

To this day, I can’t simply read the liturgy at Eberhard Lutheran, where I now attend church, simply read the Geronimo Stilton, R. L. Stine, Veggie Tales, or classic children’s books (like Peter Pan or The Wizard of Oz) listened to by my children. Why I even dress the part to read The Ballad of The Pirate Queens, by Jane Yolen.

It’s in my blood, you see.

And that is what you need in your voice over talent—someone who grasps a script in hand and becomes the voice you want.
  • Straight narration can be guaranteed to have perfect diction, perfect pronunciation, comfortable cadence, warmth, and approachability.
  • Upbeat announcing can put a smile on your audience’s face they didn’t realize was there!
  • Instruction provides conciseness and well-timed pauses for the listener to learn and follow.
  • Dramatization of fictional pieces can pull readers in so they forget their surroundings . . .
So take a listen, enjoy your time, and let me know how I can help!





My latest video. Take a look.


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